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Water Line Repairs By Memphis Experts

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The certified plumbing experts at Traditional Plumbing offer top-quality services like repairs, replacement, and installations for the water lines of your Memphis area home or business. Our plumbing professionals are licensed, insured, and bonded for your peace of mind, and we offer up-front pricing and guaranteed satisfaction on all of our professional plumbing services for your property in the Memphis area.

Our uniformed technicians are courteous and professional and our well-equipped service vehicles are stocked with the right tools and replacement parts to provide you with quality water line services– often in one visit. Use our easy online form to schedule water line repairs or other services for your Memphis home, business, or commercial property, or call the pros at Traditional Plumbing today to schedule a free estimate.

Fixing Water Line Issues

Water line issues can be frustrating, but the water line specialists at Traditional Plumbing have you covered. With 20 years of providing customers in Memphis and the surrounding areas with our excellent customer service and professional expertise, we can quickly resolve your issue and restore the flow to your faucets and appliances. A few signs that you may have water line problems include:

  • Clogs and sputtering faucets
  • Water pressure that's lower or higher than normal
  • Pooling water on your lawn
  • Continued sound of running water
  • Higher than usual water bills
  • Musty odors or mold problems

From our professional non-invasive leak repair services and our expert water line repairs to our quality installation services, it's easy to see why we're the trusted plumber for Memphis and the surrounding areas. Our skilled specialists will identify your water line issues and make water line repairs, replace your water lines, or recommend other options to ensure that your water lines are performing correctly.

Water Line Excavation And Replacement

The water line in your home or business provides an integral service of providing you with water and taking water away. When a water line breaks or is faulty, it can lead to all sorts of problems like flooding, water damage, damage to your belongings, and more.

When it comes to water line excavation and replacement, you may need to consider this service if you're experiencing any of the following:

  • Low Pressure: When it comes to low pressure, you'll be able to tell on your meter and in your water bill. When it's a low-pressure issue, you may water line excavation needs to be performed to replace old lines. In the case of a faulty meter, we will also repair/replace that.
  • Loss of Pressure: A change in pressure can mean a leak in your pipes. Leaks can cause serious problems so your water line will need excavating and replacing.
  • Flooding: Floods on your property can be caused by any sort of issues including corroded pipes, root damage, and seasonal problems such as frozen pipes. In order to get to the root of the issue, excavating the water line will be necessary in order to pinpoint the probable leak and replace the fault.

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